About Sedric

Sedric Hill brings over twenty-five years of business acumen in senior leadership, sales, sales management, and coaching highlighted with a distinguished record of success which includes over 20 President’s Club awards along with other honors and accomplishments.

Sedric has held an array of positions for several fortune 500 companies including; McKesson Corporation, Pitney Bowes, and Neopost.

In 2009, Sedric co-founded (SD&P) as a platform to expand his work beyond a single corporation. In 2016, Sedric formed Sedric Hill Consulting to add a focus on providing consulting, coaching and training to small business owners, churches and non-profits.

Sedric's innovative Video Interactive Practice™ (VIP) sales brain trainer app is helping to shift the paradigm in today's training. Sedric is a best-selling author - book: Expert Selling: A Blueprint to Accelerate Sales Excellence (2016 Morgan James Publishing). Sedric holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Texas Southern University. He serves a program director at COR Community Development Corporation, and is a member of the Orange County Association for Talent Development (ATD).



Entrepreneur, Author, Thought Leader, Business Coach, Consultant, Sales Expert.

Sedric is Co-founder and President of Sales Development & Performance, a firm that provides training and development, coaching and consulting to sales professionals, business owners, corporations, and individuals. 

SD&P's mission is to accelerate success for our clients using innovative tools such as Video Interactive Practice (VIP) and Sales Brain Trainers (SBTs). His first book: Expert Selling: The Advanced Seller's Blueprint for Excellence, will be released on May 3, 2016 by Morgan James Publishing. 

Sedric's corporate career includes the following Fortune 500 companies:



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The Thinking Behind SD&P

What if you were in New York City and someone said to you: "I will give you $1 million dollars to get into your car and drive to Los Angeles right now!" After confirming that in fact you will receive the money, you would probably start improvising and trying to figure out how to get to LA by driving westbound.

This is similar to the path to sales success (or lack thereof) that most sales professionals experience over their career... Sort of moseying along in the "general" direction of achieving quota or making the income they desire, but because there is no clear path, there are many wrong turns and dead ends that make the journey long and frustrating.

Now let's flip the script... say you were asked to drive from New York to LA, and specifcally to the Hollywood Bowl arena... but instead of just driving westbound, you were given a GPS with the address and specific geo coordinates of the Hollywood Bowl already programmed in! Obviously, the journey would go much more efficiently AND you would reach your destination faster by eliminating all the wrong turns and dead ends. 

You guessed it, SD&P's Sales Blueprint™ is your GPS which guides you to the Road to Success. 

 map 128Experimental Research-Based  

Science as well as practical, real-world experience is at the heart of SD&P. Our approach employs a unique blend of expert performance principles along with the know-how of the selling essentials.

In contrast, when most sales trainers claim that they use "research-based" concepts, they are eluding to what's known as "descriptive" research. Descriptive research involves mostly self reporting surveys designed for the benefit of large sales groups vs. individuals. These studies may discover what is happening from an organizational point of view but does little to reveal why the behavior occurs.

Experimental research, on the other hand involves empirical scientific methods (psychological observation) focused at the individual level. As a result, professionals can gain invaluable insights on expertise and the skills needed to move to the next level.